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Always wanted a Martin-guitar when I was young. Even when I bought a Gibson Mark-72 at the age of 23. Much later I bought a Martin D-1. I used both guitars on my first solo-album. It was in 2002 or so when I played on a second-hand Taylor 410-CE (the 1998-model, still with mahogany back and sides instead of ovangkol). I was blown away by the sound and playability. Sold my Martin and Gibson and since then I'm a Taylor-fan. Tried most models, but finally ended with the guitars you see here on the page. In small venues I don't like bringing in expensive guitars but in my opinion playing Taylor makes you want no other brands. Especially because I play a lot of 12-string guitar in my performances. I own a great 1999 Taylor LKSM that I play on almost every stage. Also owned almost all brands in acoustic amps, even the famous ones like Schertler Unico Classic, AER and Fishman. Trace Elliot TA-series and the Fishman Solo Amp are unbeatable in my opinion. But ofcourse there is no general rule to follow. Ears are ears are ears are ears ...



Taylor Leo Kottke Special made / E (USA, 1999) - 12-string guitar

Taylor 314-CE (USA, 2008) - 6-string guitar

Walden B1-E (2012) - 6-string baritone guitar

2 x Trace Elliot TA50R (UK) - acoustic amps



Fender Lone Star Deluxe Stratocaster (Mexico, 2008) - 6 string guitar

Fender Standard Telecaster HH (Mexico, 2015) - 6 string guitar

Fender Blues Deluxe Reissue (Mexico) - electric amp

Fender Acoustasonic Junior - acoustic amp - also a good electric amp



Aria 920 (Japan, 1974)  - (my first) 6-string guitar

Norman B20 (Canada) / EMG-pickup - 12 string guitar

Fender Champ 12 (USA) - electric amp

Fender G-dec Junior (Indonesia) - electric amp

Squier Jazz Bass Affinity (Indonesia, 2010) - 4 string bass guitar

Peavey TNT 100 (USA) - bass amp



Microphone pre-amp: Focusrite Octopre LE

Soundcard: E-MU 1820

Headphone amp:  Behringer Powerplay PRO-XL HA4700

Recording Software: Samplitude Producer 2496 (Version: 6.05)

Mixer: Phonic PM 801

Rhythm: Boss Dr. Rhytm DR-3

Microphones: Audix CX-111, 2 x AKG C451E, Shure SM-57, 2 x Shure SM-58