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06-String Acoustic Guitar: Taylor 314-CE (USA, 2008)
12-String Acoustic Guitars: Taylor 355-CE (USA, 2009), Taylor 150e (Mexico)
06-String Acoustic Baritone Guitar: Taylor 320e SLTD (USA, 2014)
06-String Acoustic Spanish Guitar: Enrique Gonzalez (Spain, around 1900)
Acoustic Guitar Amps: Trace Elliot TA100R, 2 x Trace Elliot TA50R (UK)
06-String Electric Guitars: Fender Standard Telecaster HH (Mexico, 2015), G&L Tribute ASAT Classic (Indonesia), Squier Standard Telecaster (Indonesia), Squier Mini Stratocaster (Indonesia, 2004)
Electric Guitar Amps: Fender Blues Junior Limited Edition (Mexico), Laney Cub 12R (China)
Power amplifier:
Watson PCX8400ME with two Skytec Boxes
Pedal board:
Rockcase RC23000AA
Leem Micro Mixer WAM290
Boss Chromatic Tuner TU-3 (Taiwan, 04-2015)
Fishman AFX Reverb
Microphones: Audix CX-111, 2 x AKG C451E, 2 x Shure SM-58, Shure SM-57
Audio Interface: Behringer UMC1820
Headphone Amplifier: Behringer Powerplay PRO-XL HA4700
Recording Software: Samplitude Producer 2496 (Version: 6.05)
8-Channel Mixer:Phonic PM 801
Drum Machine: Boss Dr. Rhytm DR-3
Rack - Light: Adam Hall 19 " 874571WHI 1HE White (nr 99)
Boss BCB-3