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On this page you'll find my solo-albums. Just click on the titles for the songs in MP3-format.
12-String Guitar Music
(C. 2013): Ervanel Records
Produced by Rob van Leersum
Eleven compositions for the 12-String Guitar.
PERFORMERS: Thijs Gouwerok: Drums, Tjerk Knop: Diatonic Accordion, Rob van Leersum: 12-String Guitar, Vocals, Tom Smith: Bass Guitar, Nicolaas Snel: Violin
All songs written by Rob van Leersum.
For recordings Rob used three 12-String Guitars: a Taylor 555-CE, a Taylor 354-CE and a Landola JE-85-12.

(C. 2009): Ervanel Records

Produced by Rob van Leersum. Co-produced by Elsa Pruis
PERFORMERS: Rob van Leersum: vocals, 6-string acoustic guitar, 12-string acoustic guitar, electric guitars. Elsa Pruis: vocals, Chantal van Keulen: harp (5, 7), Arno Koel: bass guitar (1, 3, 5, 6, 9. 10), Theo Vermeer: lead guitars (5, 10, 12).
All songs written by Rob van Leersum.
For recordings Rob used these guitars: five Taylors (555-CE, 355-CE, 514-CE, 314-CE, T5-S), two Fender Standard Telecasters (USA) and a Squier Silver Series Stratocaster (Japan).
Guardian of time
(C. 2000): Ervanel Records
Produced by R. Danny Lodder
PERFORMERS: Rob van Leersum: Vocals, 6 & 12 string acoustic guitars (1-11). Elsa Pruis: Backing Vocals (3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 10), Tinwhistle (5). R Danny Lodder: Lead Guitar (1,9), Mandolin (2, 5), 5-String Banjo (7), Bass Guitar (9), Backing Vocals (11), Luuk Hoekstra: Bass-Accordion (7), Accordion (10).
All songs written by Rob van Leersum.
For recordings Rob used these guitars: a Martin D-1, a Gibson Mark-72 and a no-name twelve string (borrowed from R. Danny Lodder for Rob forgot his Sigma on the day of recording Sunlight Overture).
Expected in 2020: Fine Today
(C. 2020): Ervanel Records
 All songs written by Rob van Leersum.
Four 1-minute samples in mp3:
01. Stegna Beach (instrumental)
02. Sliding Moon
03. Railroad (instrumental)
04. Man From Ephesus
05. Leni's Song (instrumental)
06. Two Months (instrumental)
07. Cold Wind Blowing
08. Globe Artichoke (instrumental)
09. Mayday
10. No Harp Guitar (instrumental)
11. Life Rushing (instrumental)
Full songs in mp3:
01. Breathe
02. Falling (instrumental)
03. Just To Watch Her Smile
04. All I'll Know
05. To Me
06. Restless World (instrumental)
07. To Build Today
08. Chingford Town (instrumental)
09. Roads
10. September Light
11. Sion Sur L'Ocean (instrumental)
12. Evening Train
13. The Chinese Sea (instrumental)
14. Morning Rain
Full songs in mp3:
01. Fighter
02. Long lost vow
03. Southern winds
04. Sister domino
05. Old Mrs. V.
06. Leftover days
07. Hold your horses
08. Probably think it's all new
09. Willow tree bar
10. Sunlight overture
11. Hold me
01. When The Wind Stills
02. Road To Arkassa
03. Tear Lost In Rain
04. While You Are Far Away (instrumental)
05. First and Last Blues
06. Tear Lost In Rain (instrumental)
07. Winter End
08. Fine Today
09. Agathi Bay